#StrongerforLi: Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

After being laid off for the first time in my career, my eight-year-old son (Li) grew obsessively worried about what I did exactly to bring money to the family.

His obsession with our wellbeing, obviously without fully understanding all the implications, turned into an obsession with “What the heck does dad do?”, as he often asks mom.

After kind of grasping the big picture, he said to mom, “Maybe dad can help me advertise my March for Babies walk, so I can help babies live a long time!”

Clearly I couldn’t turn him down, even if I still had to desperately figure out how to feed my two boys and soon to come baby girl. (Wondering about mom? She’s an independent lady. “She can take care of herself.”)

My son had managed to turn the third worst day of my life into the most inspirational.

So… we got to work.

Li established his goals, mom handled shooting the interviews and providing content, and I worked on teaching Li what “I do” for a living.

Even baby brother decided he wanted to be part of the movement.

The outcome

The #StrongerForLi campaign was born. Three videos were built for social. And, Li insisted on doing a follow-up customized Thank you email marketing “campaign.”

The work

The “campaign” is now live, and Li has already reached $500 of his $3500 grand total. (Thank you, donors!)

The past month and a half has been a crazy time in my life. Yet, it’s great having such precious love and positivity from my family.