Everyone has an in.

Whether it’s the cute coworker at the office or millions of moms around the world, everybody has a way into their hearts and minds.

Here’s the problem though — figuring it out.

That’s when strategy comes in. But, before that, we need to know a lot about the person (or persons) we’re trying to sway.

In comes research. So many types of research. I bet that whoever first said, “knowledge is power,” was in the middle of some research study. And, I believe they were correct. (But, this piece is not about research.)

So, let’s go back to the “in.”

I’ve learned that emotional cues (sometimes called “human truths” or “universal truths”) are often the most successful ways to enter into your desired person’s (or persons’) life.

For example, let’s go back to the coworker at the office. Perhaps you notice how they arrive to work at the same time, always holding a beautifully designed cup of coffee from that local shop with the “hipster logo” shining in the morning sun.

You may have never heard of the shop, or even like coffee, but you love that style of design. Then, you notice that both of you have the same brand of water-infusing bottles. Six months in, you also notice their afternoon snack-time patterns (fresh veggies, organic Greek yogurt, sea salt dark Mexican chocolate). All things you truly enjoy.

These are all data points. Opportunities to get “in.” Design, food, style, manners — all truths of the human experience. All opportunities to enter someone’s life.

Going global

Reaching the masses is basically the same idea. Just a bit more complex. A bit bigger.

Enter BIG DATA. A trendy name, yet a real movement, that expresses the collection of everyday behaviors in all of humanity. Our traces. Our breadcrumbs left behind in and around our lives. Both digital and analogue.

Very smart people have this down to a science in many businesses and companies. Often turning information into great, useful, personalized stories tailored to specific audiences, shoppers and customers at specific moments in time.

Recently, Google built and announced “a personal Google” for each individual using their products by bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to everyone’s hands and homes. (SEO shout-out to the #madebygoogle line: Google Home, Wi-Fi, Chromecast Ultra, Daydream View, Pixel and Google Assistant.)

The concept is a little scary at first, yet the usefulness these products provide is undeniable.

The idea is actually simple: Bring relevant assistance to people around the world in the most natural form possible. Apple and Amazon aren’t too far behind with Siri and Alexa inside their hard- and software ecosystems. Even Microsoft’s Cortana is infiltrating all things IoT (Internet of Things).

Finding an “in” with people’s own behaviors — that’s the reality we’re living in. That’s the world we now have to build for every day.

So whether you’re trying to find love, or make the masses fall in love with your brands and businesses — start with their emotional cues (their truths) — and make yourself part of their stories to come.