Amazing Reach | Fabulous Frequency

I will have to say that a year can really be flipped upside down, drilled sideways and built back stronger than ever thought possible.

This brutal semester has finally come to an end. And guess what?


Masochist? Maybe. But after learning Media, Digging into Account Management, Playing Account Planner and finally getting to solve real problems as a Creative, my love for advertising has actually grown so much more.

I wanted to share two recent advertisings that hit me hard. One was so brilliant I only saw it once and I was hooked. Saw it on TV, went to YouTube, played it four times, shared it on Facebook, then watched it four more times there.

What was this magical advertisement? Michael Jackson The Experience video game for the Wii and XBOX Kinect, of course!

I say no more, here it is:

The second one made me appreciate media planning, placement, buying, creating, managing and PR – and everything else advertising for that matter – to the next level.

I saw this awe inspiring video/commercial on a random website; I then YouTubed videos for almost 15 minutes (I have a 4-year-old, you see); then I was totally hit by a 10 minute interview with Jim Dooley, composer of the video game’s music, while listening to NPR News’ The Record on the radio on my way home from school.

This was such a perfectly executed advertising campaign, I cannot wait to learn who put this brilliant campaign together.

But, I will just let you see the brilliance that was that original video/commercial.

And FYI, I am absolutely “getting the game for my son” this Christmas.


Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced,





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