22 And Counting | Managing Relationships

My USF ZAP class interview assignments keep my interest for the ad agency world ignited.

This time I luckily got to chat with 22Squared’s Frank Morales, Hispanic Account Director for Publix Super Markets. Frank, a ten year veteran with an impressive brand repertoire to his name, was engaging and more than willing to share insights about account management, the Hispanic market and even took some time to talk about opportunities for me in the copywriting field.

Frank recently moved to 22Squared from Zubi Advertising, where he managed their entire SC Johnson brand portfolio. He sounded excited and enthusiastic about coming to Tampa and helping 22Squared and Publix expand their advertising to the Hispanic market in the region.


“Jack of all trades; master of none.” “Be a mile wide and an inch deep.” – Frank Morales

Frank shared his day to day life in a macro and micro level. He said that the big picture of his day is filled with casting, creative concepting, checking on his teams and hiring. Then, he told me that his day is also filled with electronic messaging; preparing meetings, presentations and calls; attending meetings; developing strategies; researching and working with the creative team.

I was glad to hear most of the many details I have learned in my classes literately coming right back at me. The fact I was able to have a 45 minute conversation with an ad professional and understand everything he said feels like a #win for me.


After the “interview” was over, we talked about great advertising books and what I could do to become a legitimate bilingual copywriter. The passion in his voice and the general willingness to even help me really made me respect Frank.

He told me “E Book,” “Where the Suckers Moon,” “Hispanic Marketing” and “Art of Account Planning” were must reads, if I was serious about getting into the field. (Looks like I have tons of reading ahead of me.)

He also advised me to go to portfolio school, Miami Ad School to be specific, which I got to tour last week with the USF Ad Club. I am glad my passion, inspiration and love for this field keeps getting stronger and stronger. People like Frank and my professors at USF keep giving me more and more reasons to want to get into the ad world. Thank you.

And if you are a student in advertising or you are thinking about getting into advertising, make sure you supplement your school learnings with real conversations, shadow days and internships.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced,

Alex Santiago


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