Once a performer…

This past Monday I got to finally speak in front of the USF Ad Club. I was invited to speak while in San Francisco and it was a little strange because since then I had become part of their exec board and had been working with them for awhile. But, I had a blast doing it.

Our own Jordan ‘YouSleepWhenYouDie’ Zimmerman dropped by and surprised the club, which was really great and added a nice level of reality to our presentations. He definitely made everyone nervous, which made us spend more time than allotted, but I still think we all did okay.

There were four of us presenting: Sarah Page, PP+K Tampa; Erica Novak, Zimmerman Advertising Ft. Lauderdale; Julia Powling, The Creative Farm NYC and I spoke about my 4A’s MAIP McCann Erickson San Francisco summer experience. We all had great stories to share, so I think we got through some people.

I had to rush through the presentation, but I guess once a performer, you are always a performer. If you would like to see the visuals, the presentation is hanging out below. And if you would like me to share the presentation with your organization, send me an e-mail.


It is strange being asked to hopefully influence or inspire your own peers. Most people probably think were are nobody’s, but hopefully I am wrong. Needless to say, I think we all represented our companies and experiences very well.

Expand Your Margins

In the middle of my presentation, I shared this document I created earlier last week during a quiet moment filled with inspiration. It was honest. It was pure. And I am really hopeful that some people got it.

And since I have this nifty tool to express and converse with those interested, I would like to share the document and ask for your opinion.

Am I right, wrong, kind of close? It is a personal experience, so I understand if it is not fully relate-able, but I believe it speaks in many different planes. I am just curious about your opinions.

Expand Your Margins

Thank you for reading.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced,



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