22Squared = 484 | My Day As A ‘Shadow’ | ‘Yah you are…’

Most people idolize rappers, actors or other “celebrity-like” people; I idolize agency Creatives.

Last Friday, I got to shadow two Creatives who I idolized for years (they just did not know it). These Creatives are Garen Boghosian (Art Director) and Jeff Pospichal (Copywriter) from 22Squared Tampa.

For years now, I have loved these commercials, and I got to spend a whole day with their creators.

Publix Holiday Surprise

Publix I Miss You, Too

Buffalo Wild Wings Extra Innings

Buffalo Wild Wings Basketball Overtime

A Day With Garen & Jeff @22Squared

My day began at 10 AM sharp! Terrible, right? Well, what most do not know is that my car engine blew up the day before while driving on I4. That was the second time this year. (But you can read about that in a different blog. There is no bitching allowed here.) ¡El que persevera alcanza!

What was originally scheduled to be a “laid back day” was actually a fun-filled day with tons of work, meetings and delicious food.

As soon as I got in, a producer – Lori – walked into their office to run through some casting. How amazing! I got to sit through casting watching over 150 people deliver the same lines. And, I actually felt like we had the same feelings about most of the people, so right away, I felt like I was part of the team. “Yah, you are…” <– inside joke

As Dane Cook used to say, “Dream it you #(*&*^ dreamers!” I dream… I dream.

Next, one of their ACDs walked in, “Want to do lunch?! I don’t want to go alone with…!” We could not because we had (listen to me, we, psh!) some director calls to make for a spot, which was on a TNT field. (This last line is for my traffic people out there.) We made the calls, three of them to be exact, with their ECD – Tom. Real cool guy. Real cool guys, period. I had a blast listening to the back and forward between the agency, directors, AEs and producers. Side note for students: Yes, it is a relationship business. Listen to your professors.

How You Become A Garen, Jeff, Lori or Tom (Other than busting your ass, of course.)

Garen – AA in film, BA in Marketing, Miami Ad School, Internships in Chicago, Minnesota and SFO

Jeff – AA in commercial art, Miami Ad School, multiple ad agencies

Lori – BA in radio, TV, film production; worked as an broadcast coordinator in LA, returned to FL worked some more, freelanced with multiple ad agencies in the South East

Tom – BA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin, worked at a design firm, discovered and fell in love with advertising; years later, won two Bronce One Show awards. *Rock N Roll*

My shadow day at 22Squared was a satisfying day filled with excitement, real world drama, a little Mad Men action and a whole lot of laughter. These people love what they do. And they are good at loving their work. And indirectly, it made me love their work, too. I just know who they are now.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced



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