Moving Forward | Moving Ahead


Far from perfect, this day sadly ended in a sour note. Not a good note before a long holiday weekend. I really believe I am having withdrawal issues. Yet, while feeling down, the reminder that tomorrow will be better keeps flashing through my eyes. Remarkable unexplainable nonsense, or am I a complete optimist? (You be the judge. The comment box is down there after all.)

What I feared while in San Francisco is happening in Florida. I feared the cool, dreamy SF summer may not carry over to a dreamy fall, spring or anything else for that matter once I got back. And it is not so far. But then, my wife reminded me of the bigger picture. Today may not seem perfect or make sense, but the options for tomorrow are still in place.


I still have a whole year left at USF. My last year in college learning from people I admire and who made shit happen in places that mattered.

I also have this real possibility of moving to Richmond, VA and attending VCU Brancenter to refine my copywriting skills and get a master’s degree I never even thought of having. That alone would be amazing.

I could perhaps try to do the 4A’s MAIP again and find a new home somewhere in the US. (Can a person change their whole lives twice and still come back to his/her old one? What do you think?)

And of course, there is always getting out of this funk and finding other opportunities here. (This is why writing is therapeutic and heals the soul. The only difference is that now countless numbers of people could read about it… if they wanted.)

Ultimately, I was reminded that today is grey, but tomorrow will shine again.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced. (I know I am trying.)



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