Full Circle

Today was special.

I had a combination of great relationship building, applying lessons I learned from school and the work place and utilizing technology in cool innovative ways.

Today, I had a pretty neat interview with SPARK in Tampa. I think those guys really understand where we are headed, and they are attacking it head on. These guys posted the job on Facebook, requested applicants to apply on Twitter, then created a whole event to get to know and test the finalists.

Early this morning, I got to their new agency location (looks fantastic), filled out a neat questionnaire, then we played ping pong. Yes, ping pong. It was great! The interview was not an interview at all, but an unique time defying test to see if the applicants truly understood what they were getting themselves into. (I do not want to say too much because this was pretty much theirs. I have never done anything like it, and I loved it!)

This is crazy exciting to me because yesterday, professor Coby O’Brien was telling the class how our resumes no longer needed addresses and phone numbers, but social media addresses and websites. Staying relevant is the common used term, I believe. *wink* And he was right! First and foremost, they wanted to know how well connected each applicant was. (And people thought I was crazy years ago when I was telling them where we were heading! Oh, those people…)

[Pardon the side thought]

While in the room, all these previous lessons came into my head. Just yesterday, my professors, O’Brien and Hal Vincent, were teaching our classes about the importance of staying on top of the industry (reading), growing our relationships and bringing new, useful information to our work place (or future work place). And I did! It was so great to actually take a lesson from a class one day and actually apply it in a real life situation the next. Those guys are brilliant. Really.

Then there is the technology.

I cannot share too much, but let us just say that my iPhone has most definitely become more than just a phone. For an hour, that baby was my research software, hardware and life saver. Even my geek-self never imagined a phone could have played such a big role during an interview. But it did.

Today, I also got to spend some time refreshing old relationships and building new ones. It is great that in one day the past two weeks came full circle. Pretty quick, right? It usually takes a lot longer for life events to come back and make sense. I am only hoping I finally get the success I need right now to move forward with my career and family.

And talking about family, the greatest success was most definitely walking around Downtown Lakeland with my wife and kid in dreamy weather. Boy it was beautiful today in Lakeland! All these events would probably mean little without having a home to come to and enjoy it with people who love you. (Always keep that in mind, too, please.)

Our world is changing, and it is changing fast. But never stop being human, positive and loving.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced.



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