Relationships | Not Only An Advertising Matter

Advertising is a relationship business because the only way for human beings to create, move forward and find success is by building relationships.

I will share a personal example. Most people do not know this, but my band mates and I played Super Bowl XLIII across from Raymon James Stadium. We even appeared on live television for the ABC Action News Super Bowl party. For over four years, my best friends and I have had some success with our own indie band, 48 States Away.

Our successes have been a cool combination of promoting our music utilizing social media and Internet marketing and always keeping ourselves busy writing and perfecting our material, but the one factor that has made the difference is relationship building. And this applies to us as an unit as well as our relationships with other friends – and friends of friends – who have given us amazing opportunities in the Central Florida area and the world.

Now, I am sharing that so you can understand some of our accomplishments. We have done cool things, we have met great people and fans, but we have gained amazing friendships. And that does include the three of us, which is what I wanted to share with you tonight.

So, after three long months in California, I finally got to practice with the boys. Trying to shake the rust and getting ready for a neat art show coming up in a month. Something you also may not know is that going on hiatus is a very common thing for us since we are all professionals with families and such. But what is amazing is getting into a hot room, messing up the first few times, then nailing the whole set. After three months of not even speaking with each other!

This is the power of “chemistry,” as we call it in the music world, but in reality this is nothing more than relationships gone right. Our relationships with each other – both personal and professional – allow us to go off, do whatever we are doing, then come back and play as if we never stopped. This to me is a beautiful thing.

Also today, I got a very nice e-mail from an Art Director at Ogilvy&Mather NY, who I met at a career fair in NYC. I could not believe that 60 seconds could be so powerful, but my passion to turn those seconds into a relationship paid off. From a simple book review to an honest thank you e-mail, I was not only able to meet an industry leader at an agency I adore, she was willing to put her name on the line by sharing a personal contact who she believes could help me grow in the business.

Once more, the power of harvesting real relationships.

I am not sure what the future will bring my band or my career. But one thing is certain, I will forever treasure my relationships with the people around me because people business is the only business I want to be in. And growing with others who want, love or appreciate things as much as you do, is the best (and I feel only) way to grow.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced,



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