Media | ‘¡No puedo ver la novela!’

I have had a bit of a writer’s block today, but talking to my grandmother in Puerto Rico inspired me to write a little bit about media and the age factor.

Companies and agencies are hitting the Millennial market pretty dead on – finally – but speaking with my 65-year-old grandmother made me realize how dependent she is on traditional media. And made me wonder if she is a fair example for the market as a whole. (Looks like there is some research to be done in the near future.)

At the same time, it is no longer a surprise older generations are embracing new technology and media outlets. But hell, Baby Boomers started what is now known as the digital revolution, at least indirectly. Which brings me back to my thought of technology and how media successfully uses it across all generation.

Here is what I mean

Earlier tonight, I called my grandma to make sure everything was okay at her place. She lives alone – and if you did not know – there is a massive hurricane passing the island as I type. Because of media, she knows exactly what is happening, when and where the real damage is taking place and whether or not she should be worrying about those crazy winds.

But this is the fun part. She was mad because a specific channel, the one that carries her favorite “novela,” was not showing because the signal was being interrupted. This is what she said.

I am so mad. I am trying to watch my “novela” in channel five and it is not showing. I looked it over on cable – nothing; tried the DTV – nothing; so I just turned on Noti-Uno (local news radio), and I am listening to the news. The hurricane is at coordinates [not important], and it moved away. Although, it really hit Vieques and Culebras hard.

Perhaps that conversation is not exciting for most, but the fact that my grandmother has two TVs with different technologies and ends up rocking her old school radio show is impressive to me. Not only is she cool for using multiple types of media, it also gives me an idea of where that segment is at this point.

I am on my computer on wunderground-dot-com calling her on my cell phone to make sure she is fine, and she is using a whole bunch of traditional media to keep herself informed and entertained. During a freaking category 4 hurricane! If this means nothing to you – think Katrina.

At any rate, I am still fascinated by all the different trends and generational behaviors and how both things influence how we advertisers utilize media. Perhaps I am a geek; perhaps I am not. Either way, I think is important for all of us to understand and appreciate where we all are in this day and age.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced.



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