Are you serious? ‘The Future of Shopping’

“It’s Steven Spielberg’s futuristic ‘Minority Report’ come to life,” says author Emily Steel in her Wall Street Journal article, Luring Shoppers to Stores: Marketers Try Interactive Mirrors, Discounts via Scanners.

Are you serious? “Minority Report”? We are already there?

Well, according to this story we are pretty much close to the technologies in the movie.

When I opened my very first Smarbrief AAF subscription on my mobile e-mail, I almost made my wife get into a car accident. But that is mostly because I am a complete geek. But this is what I read:

1) The future of shopping

Interactive touch screens and smartphones are already changing the retail experience of U.S. shoppers, but if prototypes on display at the Interpublic Group Media Lab in Los Angeles are any indication, the future of retail marketing may start to resemble science fiction. One item on display is an interactive mirror that allows a shopper to virtually try on apparel — projecting the image of the article of clothing onto the shopper’s body. Another new breed of interactive mirror warns shoppers when separate items of clothing don’t match. Wall Street Journal, The (08/26)

“Interactive mirrors, virtually try on apparel, projecting clothing onto bodies”?


I am speechless. And that is not a common trait of mine. This is scary yet brilliant at the same time.

There is little I can say right now because I need to start looking into all of these technologies. I am really wondering how long advertising will remain the way it currently runs. I also cannot wait until we begin to toy around with these neat possibilities.

I said it before, and I will say it again, the future of advertising will be the future of Americans and the world. If you do not believe me, research nano technology, transhumanism and what companies are presenting all these ideas. (That’s right, I am doing it. I am leaving it up to you.)

I am leaving this post wide open: What do you think? How do you feel? Is this cool or scary? Leave me a comment or two.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced.



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