Microsoft, Deutsch, IPG and Me

Earlier today, while checking my mail on my phone, I saw the breaking news coming from AgAge, Deutsch Wins Piece of Microsoft. And in all honesty, I felt a little weird, but as I read the story I kind of had a sense of closure.

It was weird because I had the opportunity to work for McCann-Erickson SF (McCannSF), who had the full Microsoft business for a very long time. And, not too long before I got to work for them, they had lost Microsoft. It was strange to walk into the previous home of the giant’s brain in advertising, seeing multiple awards, jobs and other Microsoft ‘goodies’ around the office – as well as the empty offices.

See, McCannSF had to sadly let go a very large number of people after losing such a massive account. Industry leaders who for years had made this powerful product a world renowned brand. The air had a tense feeling of: “damn, I can’t believe that happened; let’s get our gloves on; and let’s go give ’em some Hell!”

Personally, it was actually quite a blessing to be there post Microsoft because I got to experience a closer McCannSF, where the reputation was not abandoned and the desire seemed brighter than ever thought possible.

It is incredible what how much human chemistry can give us without a word being spoken. Really, how could I know? I was not there before.

After reading the article, I had the closure of knowing that IPG (Interpublic Group) – who also owns the McCann brand – gained the account back. Perhaps not in the McCannSF fashion, but at least they are on the same team. Too, my first agency tour in NYC was at Deutsch New York, so it kind of felt like it was staying “on my team.”

Silly me, right?

I mean, I was simply lucky enough to intern for a summer, and I just got a tour of the place. But that is what relationships do for people in and out of the business. You build this beautiful bond with people who allow you to become greater and the same time you do the same for them. Hopefully.

So after hurting for some time, more of the Microsoft brand is back with IPG. Perhaps Deutsch will be able to help them regain their rightful spot in the market as the number one tech company in the world. Let us be honest, Microsoft still rocks most of what we use and probably of what we use and we have no idea is coming from them.

The Lesson

When our professors, advisers, mentors and/or industry friends tell us – first and foremost – advertising is a relationship business — listen to them! You never know who the person next you is, could be or could potentially help you achieve.

Stay humble, my friends. It is my daily battle. But I feel I win it most days.

Stay cool, stay connected, stay balanced.



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